Pay Dues

What are Class Dues for?
Class Dues make it possible for us to stay connected with our classmates and with the University by helping to fund the following:
* Our new class website at
* Class group subscription to the Yale Alumni Magazine
* Class Reunions. Class Dues help defray the cost of reunions at Yale so as many of us can attend as possible-- and the 25th is usually the most expensive!
* Class events between reunion years
* Class communications
* Special projects as directed by the Class leadership.
Got it. I want to pay my Dues through Yale's secure system now.

I already give to Yale. What's the difference between the Alumni Fund and Class Dues?
Dues support our Class activities and communications. Donations to the Alumni Fund address the needs of the University and its students. Both are very worthwhile and you are encouraged to do both.
Oh. I didn't know that. I'll pay my Dues online now.

How much are Dues and how often are they collected?
Our treasury needs replenishing every year. The suggested donation amount for our Class is $85, but please feel free to give any amount that you feel is appropriate. Class Dues are tax deductible and constitute contributions to the Class.
OK. I can do that. Show me where to pay.

Please note: Since Class Dues do not go to the Alumni Fund or other University operating or capital campaigns, Class Dues do not count towards our Class's reunion gift total. For more information on how to make a contribution to the Alumni Fund, Capital Gifts, Quarter Century Fund or other special funds, please visit Giving to Yale.
I didn't realize that! I'd better pay my Dues right now!

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