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This describes the organization of the Class of '82 within the Yale community and may give you ideas how you can become a more active. This is by no means exhaustive. We welcome your suggestions.

Association of Yale Alumni (AYA)

The AYA serves as an umbrella organization for Yale College Class alumni groups, Yale clubs and regional associations, and many other organizations. It is organized separately from the Yale University Office of Development, which oversees giving to Yale.

Class Leadership:
The Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the Class at each reunion to serve a five-year term. The AYA Delegate is appointed by the Secretary for a three-year term. For more information on AYA visit http://www.aya.yale.edu.

Toby Richard

Howard Ash

Class Delegate to AYA:
Seth Magalaner

At-Large Delegates to AYA:
Elizabeth Berger
Wendy Sharp

Delegates to AYA from Regional Associations, Clubs and Schools:
Ted A. Berenblum, Yale Alumni Assoc of Greenwich
Stephen M. Cutler, Yale Law School
Tim Curtiss, President, Yale Alumni Association of Cleveland
Karen DaCosta Perzan, Yale Alumni Association of Wisconsin
David King, President, Yale Westchester Alumni Association
Frederick A. Leone, Past President of the Yale Club of New York City
Jeff Perzan, Yale Alumni Association of Wisconsin
Kevin Schrock, President, Yale Club of Ft. Lauderdale
Tom Seymour, President, Yale Club of Hartford

AYA Board of Governors:
Ellen Gibson McGinnis, Chair
Sherry Agar, Member

AYA Liaison for Yale '82:
Janet Cappiello
Assistant Director for Yale College Classes

Yale University Office of Development

Chair of Class Agents:
Randi Smith Aberg

Alumni Fund:
William H. Wright II - Chairman of Board of the Alumni Fund, member of the University Council and member of the Development Board

Class Website Committee:

Toby Richard, Class Secretary
Marshall Touponse, former Class Treasurer
Ed Sevilla, former AYA Board of Governors member
Natalie Yates, Project Manager

Yale University and the Association of Yale Alumni do not endorse and are not responsible for the content of this website.

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